MBA in Real Estate

MBA in Real Estate

Duration ;-  2 years
Eligibility ;- 10+2 from commerce, Graduation from BBA in Real Estate
Course difficulty ;- Average 
Types of course ;- Master
Course Expense ;- High
Jobs after course ;- Professor, Teacher, Residential Sales, Commercial Sales, Auctioneering 

The MBA in Real Estate program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry and its various facets. The program typically lasts for a duration of two years and requires candidates to have completed their 10+2 education from a commerce background. Additionally, a Bachelor's degree in BBA in Real Estate is also required for eligibility.

The course is of average difficulty, meaning it requires a moderate level of commitment and effort from students. It covers a wide range of subjects related to real estate, including finance, investment analysis, property management, real estate law, and marketing.

As a Master's degree program, the MBA in Real Estate is considered to be at an advanced level and requires a higher level of academic and professional expertise compared to undergraduate degrees. This also reflects in the course expense, which is typically high due to the specialized nature of the program.

Upon completion of the MBA in Real Estate, graduates have various career options available to them. They can pursue teaching positions as professors or teachers in educational institutions that offer real estate programs. Alternatively, they can explore opportunities in residential sales, commercial sales, or even specialize in auctioneering within the real estate industry.


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